The Idea

The European Arts Guild for Medicine and Culture is a non-profit association. Due to our believe that medicine and culture go hand in hand, we are dedicated to create a platform bringing medicine and culture together. The basis for this is the understanding of an integrative approach, in which the different fields can enrich each other. A humane holistic medicine is only possible if the practitioner is willing to deal with the individual in a holistic way and to offer him a trusting, supportive relationship in addition to his healing and treatment approaches.


Creativity is the essential key for versatile meaningful communication, as well as for sensitivity in the interpersonal relationship. Creativity can furthermore be understood as a way of access to the unconscious and is thus a necessity in medical treatment. Such a holistic form of medicine was practiced long before our performance-oriented and “effectiveness”-oriented society, in the times of Avicenna or Rudolf Virchow; however, with the increase of economic pressure, important fundamental aspects of our discipline are threatened.

Art and Medicine can enhance each other

The evaluation of the human state of health and the perception of pain and suffering that occurs, but also the moments of happiness and relief depict life. These emotions enrich the artistic expression and inspire and drive the artist. Our association is interdisciplinary and consists of doctors, therapists and artists.