The Idea

The European Artist Guild for Medicine and Culture is a non-profit association which supports the idea that medicine and culture go hand in hand. The basis of this statement creates an integrative understanding in which both medicine and culture complement and enhance each other. A human and holistic way of practicing medicine is only possible if the doctor is willing to address the patient integrally and offer therapeutic options, in addition to the building a trustful and strengthening relationship.


Creativity is the essential key to a flexible and meaningful communication, and at the same time to sensitivity in an interpersonal relationship. It can likewise be understood as a means of access to the subconscious, and therefore needs to be taken into consideration whenever treating a patient. Previous to our efficient and achievement-oriented society, a holistic approach towards medicine was practiced, in times of Avicenna or Rudolf Virchow. However, increasing financial pressure threatens important and fundamental aspects of our profession.

Art and Medicine can enhance each other,

giving perspective into the discussion of human health, whether present or absent, thanks to the observability of the resulting pain or sorrow, as well as happiness or relief, thus enriching art and offering new perspectives. We are an interdisciplinary association composed of doctors, therapists and artists.